CA Marks World Consumer Rights Day With A Promise To Review Laws To Accommodate AI

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As the world marks World’s Consumer Rights Day, with artificial intelligence at the center of all the conversations, the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has announced that it is in the process of reviewing ICT sector laws to include some aspects of AI.

CA is leading Kenyans in marking this day themed ‘Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers’ with different enlightening conversations around AI and what consumers should know and adapt to.

“We are currently reviewing ICT sector laws and regulations that will include aspects around Artificial Intelligence,” said Mr. David Mugonyi, the Director General and CEO of the Communication Authority. He added that AI is here to stay and the earlier we embrace it the better.

Mugonyi was speaking as one of the panelists brought together by Citizen TV on Thursday ahead of the World’s Consumer Rights Day. The day is celebrated worldwide to educate consumers on their rights and responsibilities and what they should do in case their rights are violated.

According to Mr. Mugonyi, there is a huge divide between developed nations and Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of technology. “One of the key mandates of CA is to protect consumers. There is no doubt that AI is now everywhere but is it always fair to consumers?”

Speaking at the same panel, Agnes Gathaiya, Google’s Country Director for East Africa noted that the presence of AI in mobile phones and various sectors gives power directly to the consumers to utilize AI for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Stanley Kamanguya, the CEO of ICT Authority insisted on the need to look at AI from the basic definition of what intelligence is. “AI augments the human intelligence and amplifies it and this becomes the power of AI.”

On his part, the CEO of Safaricom, Peter Ndegwa, Artificial Intelligence is now part of everyday life and there is no running away from it.

“We use AI on a very regular basis. AI is now much more powerful because we have more data, we have better technology, and also because customers want personalized services.”

As World Consumer Rights Day rolls on, the CA reaffirms its commitment to championing consumer interests in the telecommunications sector. The authority, by collaborating with industry stakeholders, enforcing regulations, and empowering consumers, aims to create a marketplace characterized by fairness, transparency, and trust.

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