Digital wellbeing app enabled on Nokia Smartphones

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HMD Global, the home of Nokia smartphones is committed to providing value for all phones at every price point. The full range of Nokia smartphones come with the Digital wellbeing feature already pre-installed as Nokia provides pure Android.  The wellbeing app enables you to have a balanced experience as too much time on our phones results in increased screen time, which can be harmful to our health.

Nokia smartphone’s Digital Wellbeing app enables you to track your device usage in various ways, from knowing the amount of time you spend on each app, how often you check your phone, plus the number of notifications you tend to look at frequently. With the analysis provided you can then set daily limits on how much time you want to spend on each app, know when your screen should go dark or set to block notifications for a particular app for a period you decide.

We are all seeking a balance between screen time and physically spending time doing other activities that do not include screen time. This App available on Nokia Smartphones is set to provide you with a better quality of life and freeing up your time to then engage in other activities such as spending time with your loved one.

For parents, you need not fear giving your children smartphones as you can now set up parental controls to help keep track of what your young ones consume online. Through the tool, you are able to supervise your child’s phone remotely through a family link app as a parent. Besides that, you have the ability to keep an eye on your child’s screen time and set limits as you would deem fit. Additional restrictions to Google services can be added that include app approvals or content filters on Google play.

The parental control system, information and data gathered should be used to help children especially teenagers change their habits, manage their smartphone usage and put limits when it comes to social media consumption.

Below is how you can find the Digital wellbeing feature on your Nokia smartphone.

Simply head to settings scroll down and you should see Digital wellbeing. It’s that simple.

While there, you can view the app dashboard that shows you a circular chart, which is a summary of all the apps you have used that particular day. If you tap on the chart, it will give you more details in terms of time spent on each application, ranking them by screen time. You can also tap on an individual app to further see the breakdown of time spent by the hour and during the week.

Digital Wellbeing also has a Do Not Disturb feature, which silences all visual interruptions that appear on the screen. When you turn on the Do Not Disturb, that makes the screen turn grey, encouraging you to get off your phone. There is also a Bedtime mode that you can set your phone so that your phone goes on silent and you can customize to set the Do not disturb feature. Finally, there is Focus mode that is useful to everyone that enables you to pause distracting apps when you need time to focus.

When it comes to choosing our smartphones, we all want something different and unique. But when you think about it, we all have one objective: to focus on what matters the most. For most of us, what matters is our work and family. Digital Wellbeing will enable you to create a balance for the things that matter to you.

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